Environmental Loop Systems
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Geothermal Heat Pumps operate in an identical fashion to Water-Source Heat Pump
units. However, without the need for a boiler or cooling tower, they save substantial
energy costs and space. The water loop system is underground and the units are
inside the building. Thus, the environmentally friendly geothermal system preserves the
architectural design of a building naturally.
Geothermal Earth Loops
Geothermal Earth Loops come in several different configurations depending on space
availability and soil properties. Chances are at some point you have either stood over,
or walked across a geothermal loop field. Loop fields can be located under parking lots,
landscaped areas, or any number of other locations. All earth loops use high-density
polyethylene pipe to circulate either water or an antifreeze mixture. All joints and
connection fittings are thermally fused to prevent leaks and most piping comes with a
25-year or longer warranty.
Heating and Cooling
Let the ground You walk on heat & cool your home or business
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For good results, the piping should be installed by professionals who follow
procedures established by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association
(IGSHPA). Designing the system also calls for professional expertise: the length of the
loop depends upon a number of factors, including the type of loop configuration used;
your home's heating and air conditioning load; local soil conditions and landscaping;
and the severity of your climate. Larger homes requiring more heating or air
conditioning generally need larger loops than smaller homes. Homes in climates where
temperatures are extreme also generally require larger loops.
"Let the ground
You walk
on heat & cool
your home or
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