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Sheri Rice, General Manager:
Thermal conductivity is the physical property of a material that determines how easily heat
can pass through it.  The average thermal conductivity of a formation that a geothermal
ground-loop heat exchanger is installed into is important in order to develop a properly
sized heat exchanger for a particular application.  The information that is obtained from a
formation thermal conductivity (FTC) test can be input directly into most of the popular
design software programs.


The thermal conductivity of a formation is a prerequisite for a properly designed
geothermal ground-loop heat exchanger.  The thermal conductivity of the formation
determines how easily heat can be conducted to and from the circulating fluid in the heat
exchanger piping. For example, in a formation with high thermal conductivity, the loop
temperature required to reject a given amount of heat to the ground would be less than the
loop temperature for a formation with a lower thermal conductivity. Higher loop
temperatures for cooling translate into reduced heat pump performance and higher
operating costs.

Why Consider FTC Testing?

• Proper testing enables ground loops to be sized to match the existing formation
• The obtained information provides for a better estimate of installation cost.
• Precision designs save money on drilling, grouting and pipe costs.
• Proper designs allow the system to run more economically.
• Multiple tests can be conducted which would allow the comparison of different grouts.
• Test parameters can be set up to simulate loop response under cooling design                  
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