Heating and Cooling
Let the ground You walk on heat & cool your home or business
Thermal conductivity is a measurement of how easily heat can pass through a given
material or formation such as sand, gravel and or clay. Thermal conductivity testing is
performed during the design process to ensure your system in performing efficiently.
Design Process
Once we know what the thermal conductivity test results  are then we are able to input this
data and in junction with our Manual J software we are able to determine the "loads". The
system must be designed properly to provide adequate heating and cooling to handle the entire
load of the space in the most efficient manner.
Designing of the well field, is the next step. This step insures your loop is sized correctly to
keep your system running at top efficiently for the lifetime of the geothermal system.
We have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to ensure our customers
receive the most superior quality installation available.
Fire and Ice Geothermal has the capability of all heat fusion techniques: socket, butt,
sidewall, and electro-fusion to join polyethylene pieces..PLUS, we have five members of
our staff who are IGSHPA accredited installers. Fusion joints are made by joining two molten
pipe ends together under pressure. Properly made, joints made by fusion are stronger and
more reliable than mechanically coupled pipe. The joints don’t leak and are as strong as, or
stronger than, the native pipe.
Duct System Design and Installation
Our staff is trained, certified and current on all codes and regulations needed to install duct
continuous comfort.
Geothermal Equipment Installation
Our final step is to insure your equipment is installed properly, this is not like a
conventional heating and air system. Several steps need to be taken to provide our
customers with the satisfaction that comes along with having  geothermal system in your
home or business.
The Federal Government now offers a 30% tax credit, deadline December 2016
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"Let the ground
You walk
on heat & cool
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